Broken Toilets — Bangalore

Bhushanraj is a creative director, designer and consultant, focused on brand experience, expression & fresh perspectives.

Broken Toilets

Bringing thoughtful perspectives to issues in social & environmental justice, equality, political change, human rights & openness.

Broken Toilets is an online magazine about global development and culture.

The magazine publishes thematic issues focused on critical topics and a running blog that examines broader questions in the field. The stories and articles were brought to light with a rich digital design solution to strike a chord with the audience. The branding takes cue from the ethos of the brand to be a strong narrative whilst still being bold, youthful and commanding.

The module features independently reported stories and views by narrative journalists, citizen journalists, researchers and practitioners, that explore the processes behind development and aid, the implications of this work for those affected by it the most, and ideas of progress along with the compromises they demand.

This resulted in a highly engaging, responsive and immersive typography-treated brand design.