Museum of Art & Photography — Bhushanraj

Bhushanraj is a creative director, designer and consultant, focused on brand experience, expression & fresh perspectives.

Museum of Art & Photography


The Museum of Art & Photography is a new museum centred around a large and varied collection of art, photography, textiles & design, predominantly from the Indian subcontinent—from pre-modern to contemporary.

MAP retraces relationships between artistic disciplines, breaking away from older schools of categorization, striving towards newer narratives. Considering the dynamic, colourful and effusive brand identity,  the website was designed showcasing the incredible curatorial approach of MAP—inspired by visual experiences across India, that distinguishes the brand, as inspiration. 

Working with tskdesign we created a minimal, bold and intuitive interfase so users could experience the exquisite collection of art. Through its unique, vibrant and compelling website MAP engages with its audiences, offering a fresh perspective to the museum experience in the Indian context.