Tamasq — Bangalore

Bhushanraj is a creative director, designer and consultant, focused on brand experience, expression & fresh perspectives.


Uncover & rejuvenate the long lost art of handwoven fabrics that tell a story. 

Tradition. Fusion. Transition. Passion.

Tamasq stems from the Sanskrit word ‘tamas’, which stands for darkness. The essence of the brand is to bring to light the forgotten textiles of India. 

Tamasq embodies an everlasting brand responding to seasons and trends. Its word-mark communicates sophistication and craftsmanship. This resulted in a timeless brand fitting any style without under-appreciating its uniqueness. It included creating a typographic monogram, which emphasises on the 'Q' or the 'sk' — the aspect that brings light.

The identity allows for variation and movement across applications including apparel, tags, labelling, stationery and digital executions, reflecting the superior quality & heritage of the brand.